GROHE Blue Magnesiový a zinkový filtr

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GROHE Blue magnesium+ zinc filter

Transform your tap water into delicious, magnesium and zinc added table water with GROHE Blue and the GROHE Blue Magnesium+ zinc filter, which enhances the aroma of the water and enriches it with magnesium and zinc. Magnesium, a vital health-boosting mineral, is good for everyone and even better for athletes and diabetics! Zinc is one of the most important trace elements and supports the body’s immune system. The filter, which has a capacity of about 400 litres at 17° dGH, works in 5 stages: first the pre-filtration removes rough particles like sand and dirt. Then the activated-carbon pre-filtration removes natural contamination (e.g. from domestic water supply). Next the ion exchanger reduces substances as limescale and heavy metals and adds up to 35mg/l magnesium and up to 3mg/l zinc. After that the activated-carbon filtration reduces substances responsible for unpleasant taste and odor (e.g. chlorine). And finally the fine filtration reduces fine particles. The result is perfectly pure and heath-giving water delivered straight from the tap! The filter is compatible with GROHE Blue Home, GROHE Blue Professional and GROHE Blue Pure systems. Replacing the filter is easy: simply unscrew the old filter, insert the GROHE cleaning cartridge (40434001)*, start the cleaning process and then replace it with the new filter. * You will also need to buy a reusable GROHE Blue cleaning cartridge adapter (40694000).

  • BWT výměnný filtr pro GROHE Blue a GROHE Red kuchyňské systémy
  • kapacita 400 L při 17° dGH
  • obohacuje vodu až o 35 mg / l hořčíku a až 3 mg / zinku
  • redukuje látky odpovědné za chuť a vůni, například chlór
  • redukuje vodní kámen a těžké kovy
  • kompatibilní s GROHE Blue Home, GROHE Blue Professional, GROHE Blue Pure (pouze s měřičem průtoku) a GROHE Red